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Traveling in Costa Rica

Traveling in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been one of the top honeymoon locations in the world for several decades now. It is not just a small country but it is a paradise to every locals and tourists who visits the country. It has been famous for its eco-tourist destinations and biodiversity. It is not only the beautiful nature that you’ll like, but also the locals living in the country. They have been the most happiest on the surface of the earth.

Costa Rica travel tips will be of great help if you have decided to have a vacation in this amazing and exciting country. Though it is such a wonderful country to visit, you’ll definitely need a guideline to help you explore different destinations accordingly.

It would be great to know the regions in Costa Rica to help you plan your destinations and maximize your stay in the country. The Central valley is the population center of the country and the upper part of the Central Valley is the plains of the north. It is a beautiful yet mountainous region surrounded by hot springs and volcanic lakes; Arenal is one of the famous active volcanoes in the region. On the eastern part is the Caribbean region. It is the least visited part of the country because of its isolation yet it is such a great place for whitewater rafting and sea turtle spotting.

Central pacific is on the western part of the country where most of the gorgeous beaches cam be seen. On the northwestern part is Guanacaste, the dry region of the country with little rains any time of the year. It has also several magnificent beaches with great surf and some huge volcanic and dry forest parks.

There are several means of transportation to get into your destination in Costa Rica. You can ride a bus if you’re in a good condition and riding on buses can be a good way to travel and explore the place and also it is much cheaper than riding a taxi. Taxis can cost you much but it is much faster and much comfortable than buses; be reminded that there are pirate taxis hovering around the streets, they are a lot cheaper but they operate without permits from the government. You can also rent a car if you want to explore the country on your own; just be aware that some car rental companies will charge your credit card a deductible $1000 just in case you’ve damaged the car.

As part of your wedding planning, make sure that you are aware of the season wherein your honeymoon in Costa Rica will fall. The dry season in Costa Rica will be from December 15 to April 15 where you can have the most of the sunshine. And if you’re willing to experience a little rain mostly during afternoons, and then plan your honeymoon during the green season which is from April 15 to December 15. You’ll get also a lot of savings during this time of the year because it’s an off-peak season and there are fewer tourists in the country.