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Things to Pack for Travel

Things to Pack for Travel

The famous saying above says everything about traveling and packing for it. If you haven’t experienced it yet, packing for a trip is just as hard as moving out of your house; it demands so much of your resources- time, money and even energy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t alleviate the process of packing for a trip. In fact, if you love seeing the world, then you might as well start to enjoy packing for one, and you’re in luck because I’m going to show you just how real jet setters do it.

But before you get on board with your luggage full of travel essentials, there’s one jet-setter secret I want to share with you all- PACK LIGHTLY. I know the phrase demands that you let go of the more trivial stuff in your luggage but trust me, packing lightly is the only way you’re going to survive a trip (not unless you hire a group of football players to carry your bags for you).

Now if you’re ready to start packing, read through my recommended list:

INSIDE YOUR SUITCASE: While you may have your essentials ready (passport, visa, license and ticket), it’s time to get started with the basics, and it all starts inside your suitcase. And did I mention the importance of having a LOCK WITH COMBINATION. If you don’t want your stuff stolen, I suggest you invest in one it goes a long way.

GUIDE BOOK/ CITY GUIDE- If you’re a natural born English speaking person, conversing in your point of destination might not be difficult, but for non-English speaking countries, a city guide or a guide book might come in useful when you hit a wall when talking to a local. After all, you don’t want to be Lost in Translation.

CLOTHES- I always suggest to have at least a week’s worth of clothes in your luggage, and that includes, basic t-shirts, jeans, and underwear. If you’re going on a business trip, make sure to bring in extra pairs of crisp white shirts, as it never goes out of style. Trust me when I say this, you wouldn’t want to look awful in your travel photos.

GADGETS- in this day and age, how can you not live without an iPhone or an iPod, even an iPad? I speak on behalf of everyone who’s lived to see how Apple revolutionized the Technology of today by saying that I don’t think I can travel without my gadgets. Be it a camera, a mobile phone, a music player or even a laptop. Gadgets are just as important as your clothes. I feel naked without them.

FOOTWEAR- the ladies may not agree with me when I say this, but you’ve got to bring just 1 or 2 pairs of shoes when you travel. I had the mistake of bringing in an entire luggage of shoes during my first business trip and boy did It feel like a waste of space and energy. As a rule of thumb, bring a pair of walking shoes and dress shoes for staples, and have a nice pair of filp-flops to give your feet at rest whenever you can.

TOILETRIES- Traveling entails that you stay in a place for a couple of days while you enjoy the res of your vacation, you’re lucky if you get billeted in a hotel room with toiletries at your disposal. But if you’re a backpacker and you’ve got no source of soap or shampoo anywhere near, you must be prepared. Always keep in handy a bar of soap, sachets of shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste. I prefer to throw in my stash of conditioner, a small bottle of mouth wash, sunscreen and prescription medicines.

FIRST AID KIT- Don’t freak out yet! As with the name of the item implies, it’s only used during emergencies, but you won’t be sorry you brought one.

Regardless of your destination, traveling is an enjoyable experience, only if you’re willing to let go of the baggage, and I mean, literally, the baggage.