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London for Every Type of Traveler

London for Every Type of Traveler

Ahhhh, London, the city where so many great things have happened.

Like the Tower of London, and the black Plague and boatloads of non English speaking tourists.

But actually there are quite a few great things about this city, and I would recommend that everyone should go, its a city that can cater to many different types of travellers. So here’s a couple of quick tips from someone who has walked those famous streets..

For the History buff: the British Museum. Made famous in lots of movies for a reason, the British Museum is the pinnacle of museums in London. With free admission and tours and open everyday to accommodate any travel schedule, this is a must stop. And when you get tired or hungry or your significant other gets bored, there is a cafe and shop inside as well.

For the Romantic: take a sunset dinner cruise on the Thames. Float idyllically down the river listening to a live band and stare into each others eye’s by candlelight, or take a slow spin around the onboard dance floor.

For the Family: take a stroll through Hyde Park, making sure to bring bread crumbs for the friendly squirrels. Take the older kids to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum to take funny photos with celebrities.

For the Foodie: Try out Jaime Oliver’s newest venture, Barbecoa looks promising. Complete with its own adjoining butcher shop and created as a homage to the relationship between food and fire, it looks like a spectacular way to finish your day.

For the Artist: see a Broadway quality show in a small historical theatre with the genuine original red velvet seats.

For the Shopper: Portobello Markets at Notting Hill. Made famous for purchases by stylemakers like Sienna Miller, these markets are a treasure trove of interesting and unique finds.

And for everyone else there is your classic things that everyone should see: Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, take a ride on the tube, have a good old pub meal, go to Westminster Abbey, see Piccadilly Circus, walk through Hyde Park, tour the Tower of London to see the crown jewels, make faces at the guards in front of the palace..

And here’s a little insider tip: for the best way to see the most of these normal tourist sites, I recommend the hop on hop off red double decker buses. Yes you do feel like a tourist but its the easiest way to get around and get right to the doorstep of all the best tourist places. Otherwise the tube (subway) is a super easy way to get around anywhere.

London is definitely a must see for every traveler, and its easy because they speak English!