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How to Choose a Brazil Travel Package

How to Choose a Brazil Travel Package

Brazil is an immense country, the largest in South America and 5th in world when it comes to territory. Within its borders, Brazil contains diverse landscapes, including Amazon river and rainforest, wetlands, tropical beaches, and Atlantic forest. With so much territory and so many destinations to pick from, it can be hard to plan a Brazil holiday. Here are some considerations to make when choosing your ideal Brazil vacation package.

How much time do you have? Traversing Brazil’s huge distances is definitely something to factor into your decision. Travelers with limited time, for example 1 week or less, will necessarily have to limit the number of destinations and the radius between them. For first time visitors to Brazil, the iconic cities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Salvador de Bahia are excellent starting points. All of these cities have plenty of attractions within the city, as well as accessible day trips. It is also possible to arrange a short getaway to nearby destinations.

For example, Buzios is 2 hours from Rio and if you like beaches, a package that combines Rio and Buzios would be perfect. Another option is, for example Sao Paulo and Iguazu Falls, which will give you a taste of Brazilian culture and a visit to one of South America’s most magnificent sites.

Another big consideration is your ideal destinations. Do you prefer cities or wilderness or tropical beaches? An exotic Amazon tour might not work for you if you don’t particularly enjoy hot humid temperatures, rustic accommodations, or creepy crawly creatures. If you like beaches but don’t like crowds, Rio de Janeiro’s jam-packed Ipanema, might not be ideal. Instead, you might consider the more tranquil beaches in the historic cities of Paraty or Recife.

An Amazon tour is another thing altogether that cannot be done in a whirlwind fashion. First you have to get from one of Brazil’s international airports, most commonly Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, to the Amazon city of Manaus on a 5 hour domestic flight. From here, you can hop on a river cruise or stay in a jungle lodge. Most jungle lodges are a few hours by boat from the main port in Manaus. Accommodations on an Amazon cruise ship range from basic to luxury. Either option will offer travelers a base for exploration of the river and rainforest.

The more time you have and the bigger your budget, your options will multiply. Don’t forget that once you’re in South America you also options to venture across borders to destinations in Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador. Enjoy!