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8 Survival Tips for Traveling During Busy Times

8 Survival Tips for Traveling During Busy Times

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and I thought it would be a great idea to share some tips that have helped to ease the stress of traveling. I see too many people at airports that look like they’re having a terrible time. If you plan right, you don’t have to suffer. The following tips are great ways to ease the burden of flying and make the trip a little more manageable:

1-Book the early flight out

Typically, as the day progresses, flights become more prone to delays, especially if there’s bad weather in one of the major hub cities. I typically choose the earliest flight for this reason alone. Yes, it’s early, but worth it to bypass the hassle of being stuck in an airport forever. Also, lines are shorter, so you don’t have to worry about getting to the airport as early.

2-Ship bags if you can

It is never wise to pack too many things for a trip. But if you just can’t avoid it, ship everything ahead of time using FedEx Ground or UPS. For one, it’s more reliable and it even costs cheaper than airline baggage fees. Airlines have lost my bags more often than not when I have checked them on the plane. Shipping in advance will give you peace of mind.

3-Check-in online

Ideally, your airline or travel agency should send you an email 24 hours prior to departure notifying you that it’s time to check in. Checking online gives you the guarantee that you will not be involuntarily bumped off your flight.

4-Show up early

Unless you enjoy missing flights, try to get to the airport as early as you can. If no one’s giving you a ride, try to book your taxi/shuttle or parking space in advance. This should be common sense. My rule of thumb is 1 1/2 hours early for domestic flights and 2 1/2 for international travel.

5-Be prepared at security checkpoints

Security checkpoints will be a cause of delay if you don’t allot enough time for it. They’re offered as part of your security and should be expected in all airports around the world. Yes, it’s not fun to strip down and take your wallet and keys out. But guess what, you have to, to just do it. Remember, the more you cooperate with security, the faster you get through the lines.

6-Have alternate plans and backup resources

Flight schedules don’t always go as planned. So it’s better if you have all the contact details that you need just in case your flight gets cancelled or you’re stranded, such as your airline’s or travel agent’s number, local airport hotel numbers, and car rental numbers. Also, flying on the earliest flight and picking flights with no layovers help for this. I try to take direct plane routes. Layovers open you up for flight delays and push-backs.

7-Have some manners on the plane, be considerate

The key here is to be considerate. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is when someone is constantly getting up to get stuff out of their carry-on bag. Get your belongings out before the flight takes off. If you don’t have to get out of your seat during the flight, then don’t! Keep the aisles clear, especially when the stewardesses start serving drinks and food.

8-Just be happy, remember the big picture

Remember the big picture here. The key here is to remember the big picture. Sit back and ask yourself, “wow, imagine how long this would take me if I had to take a train!” Airlines are extremely convenient. Stop your complaining. Chances are, you’re flying because you want to, unless you have to for a funeral. For example, I fly to Mississippi to see my amazing girlfriend. I would fly across the country to see her and not complain. It all comes down to how to see travel and your attitude towards it.

I hope this list will help your travels be a little more enjoyable!