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Cleanest beaches in India to visit

There are many among us who prefer having a relaxing vacation at some beach rather than partying around, lounging and playing around with friends. However, something that keeps them from taking a step forward is that they think that they won’t be able to afford the trip. The beach destinations have earned a good reputation of being touristy but at the same time they are also infamous about being overpriced. But the fact is that all beach spots are not created in the same manner.

In fact, there are plethoras of beach vacations that you can watch out for if you don’t wish to break your bank or blow off your budget. Amidst getting easy access to beaches, you can also get affordable accomodations, minimum fees, cheap eats and parking with minimum fees. If you wish to go out on a beach everyday throughout the year, TripHobo suggests you few options that you may take into account.

#1: Radhanagar Beach, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Radhanagar Beach is one of the most favorite beach destinations that you can get on the coast of Bay of Bengal. This has been a commercial beach for more than 10 years. If you’re going out for a trip with your family, this is definitely one of the most wonderful places and there are lots of nightlife activities and places for stunning sunset. The prices of flight are reasonable and they provide the required drive to the tourism industry and the best part about this is that you can easily drive from Port Blair. You won’t find any dearth of bathroom and changing room facilities here as there are ample which you can get hold of after a good sea bath.

#2: Varkala Beach, Kerala

Kovalam Beach, a renowned and commercialized beach in Kerala has a great alternative with its soothing and peaceful environment – Varkala Beach. It is situated north of Trivandrum and takes just one hour to reach the serene place. Breathtaking landscape, brown sand and turquoise blue ocean will take anyone’s breath away. Famously for its spa and ayurvedic centres, the beach is regarded as the cleanest beach in India.

#3: Arambol Beach, Goa

It is an hour drive from the Dabolim Airport (GOI) that might take you to a traditional fisherman village in northern Goa. The place is famously known as Arambol where the beach in the winter season attracts international tourists. It has become a new paradise for hippies. Surrounded with jungle and fresh water lakes is one of the best holiday gateways in the Western Ghats. Special attraction of this beach is its nightlife where you can relax with comforting jam sessions and consoling live music. One who is looking for solitude must seek this beach in India.

#4: Tarkarli, Maharashtra

If you are in Maharashtra, you will definitely know that there are many beach resort towns but among them if you talk about the most panoramic one, it is definitely going to be Tarkarli. This is a coastal village which is best known for its coral reefs in India. You can plan to accommodate yourself for a homestay in case you’re traveling with few people and definitely a weekend opportunity to find solace in the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea.

Therefore, now that you’re familiar with the best beaches for your weekend getaways, you have to just Google them for more details so that you may know everything about the place before visiting them.…

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What to pack for your Galapagos cruise tour

Once you have your Galapagos Islands tour booked, packing can be an exciting way to get ready for your vacation. Since the Galapagos Islands are a unique destination, our local Galapagos experts have assembled this Galapagos packing list of the essentials. This list is not exhaustive, but it does account for the essentials.

At the end, we also have some suggestions for what to pack if you are visiting other regions of Ecuador, like the Amazon, Andes, or coast.

In your carry-on

  • Important documents like your passport, tickets, and boarding passes
  • Cash (including the $100 Galapagos National Park entrance fee)
  • A good book
  • Some simple snacks
  • Ear plugs


  • Comfortable cotton shirts and wicking t-shirts
  • Some long-sleeved shirts for sun protection
  • A few pairs of shorts
  • At least one pair of fast-drying/ lightweight pants for cool evenings
  • Windbreaker (in rainy season from December-May)
  • Sweater or sweatshirt (for cool nights)
  • Brimmed hat or cap
  • Two bathing suits (use one while the other is drying)
  • Undergarments
  • Sleepwear


  • Teva-style sandals (for coral beaches and coastal trekking)
  • A good pair of trekking shoes (for rockier hikes)
  • Thin & breathable hiking socks
  • Shoes or flip flops to wear on deck or around your hotel


  • Basic first aid kit and any personal medications
  • Motion sickness pills
  • Sun block (high SPF)
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Insect repellent


  • Sunglasses (preferably with UV protection & security strap)
  • Battery powered alarm clock
  • Water resistant daypack
  • Binoculars
  • Water bottle
  • Journal


  • Camera and/or video camera
  • Charger and adaptor (for US sockets)
  • Extra battery packs
  • Several high capacity memory cards
  • Multiple lenses (including a UV filter)
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Tripod
  • Underwater camera or casing
  • GoPro (to catch those adventure shots!)

*With the natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, even a simple point-and-shoot will likely capture beautiful pictures, so how much camera equipment you bring is entirely up to you. It can take up a lot of space in a suitcase and might be fragile, but if you have a talent for photography, then it might be worth it to have your equipment with you to catch those once-in-a-lifetime photos.


  • Expensive jewelry
  • Anything that you would be heartbroken to lose
  • Fancy/ elegant clothes (unless you know you will be attending a venue where they are required) – casual clothes are (almost) always acceptable.
  • Hair-dryer (this will be provided by the boat or hotel)
  • Snorkel equipment (wetsuits, masks, and flippers are provided; you’re allowed to bring this if you prefer to use your own, but it will probably just take up valuable space and weight in your suitcase)

What about my phone?

On mainland Ecuador and in the four major towns of the Galapagos, you can use an unlocked smartphone on the local cell networks (CNT, Claro, & Movistar) by purchasing a SIM chip to replace the one in your phone. However, as soon as you are out at sea, you will not have cell reception at all. Our advice? Just don’t count on using your phone while you are in the Galapagos Islands. Once you arrive, you can stow it safely in your suitcase and pull it out again once you’re back at the airport.

Packing tips and weather information for mainland Ecuador

Since Ecuador straddles the equatorial line in the dead center of the tropics and has jungle, mountains, and coast, its weather is unique. Be prepared for the region you’re traveling to with these packing tips for…

The Coast

  • Weather: Warm year-round, with very humid winters and possible daily downpours (January-April) and drier summers (May-December); ocean water is almost always warm.
  • What to pack: Definitely warm-weather clothes, very similar to what you would pack for the Galapagos Islands. It’s a good idea to also have a light, waterproof jacket. If you’re traveling during the wet season (January-April) insect repellent is necessary to ward off the mosquitos.

The Amazon

  • Weather: Humid, warm, and rainy – expect sun in the morning followed by afternoon showers.
  • What to pack: Long pants & insect repellant are a must! You will be exploring jungle, so while it might seem hot, covering your skin is an important way to protect against bug bites. You should also have a waterproof rain jacket.

The Highlands

  • Weather: Usually feels like spring, with dry and cool temperatures in the morning rising into the low 70s during the generally sunny days.

What to pack: You’ll want to have a couple layers that you can take off or put on as the temperature goes up or down. A t-shirt with a fleece sweater and a rain shell plus long pants and comfortable walking shoes with ankle support is a good outfit for a typical day in the highlands.
At higher altitudes, like the summits of Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Quilotoa, or other volcanoes, we recommend having very warm clothes as …

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Best Tourist Places in Singapore for Couples

Singapore is a very popular tourist destination place with loads of attractions ideal for the strong and adventurous at heart as well as the romantic type. It is the best place for couples who want a fresh taste and meaning to true love and romance.

Besides, most of these places require just a small entry fee, which you can easily afford to pay since you managed to travel there anyway.

Nonetheless, if you reside in Singapore, then you are well aware of the best places to go as a couple. However, if you do not know, then here are some places to visit in Singapore, while you are with your significant other.

1.     The Esplanade Roof Garden

Located in 8 Raffles Avenue, this spot is free for those who love to stroll and picnic at any time of the day. You can climb the roof for a perfect evening date, picture time and even for a spectacular view of the Marina Bay Sands, One Fullerton and the Singapore River.

Besides, it is the best backdrop for a well-spent day picture for your Instagram and other social media outlets. The choice is yours. You can even sun watch and just enjoy the surroundings of the lush garden.

2.     The Marina Life Park

If you are both into aquamarine and just love the sight of different sea animals then here is the place to be. This place is divided into two sections the S.E.A Aquarium, the world’s largest aquariums. It has 45,000,000 liters of water and over 100,000 species of marine animals. Another section is the Adventure Cove Waterpark.

You can stroll all over it with your loved one arm in arm learning and being fascinated with what the sea life has to offer. You can definitely fall in love more and more with each other as you get fascinated with the different species. Seeing something that fascinates both of you is romantic both ways.

3.     Garden by the Bay

This futuristic garden is only romantic by night but you can also make a day visit if you want, for a picnic. Its ambiance, usually changes for the better at night, making it the best place to walk, especially along the OCBC Skyway Suspension Bridge, which has some radiating super trees as a background. Besides, its surrounding scent is very romantic, ideal for lovebirds.

You can even have a romantic couple picnic here. Explore it all over, from its native exotic flowers to its conservatories. You can enter its conservatories from 9 am to 9 pm at a small fee.

4.     Changi Point Coastal Walk

This 2-kilometer boardwalk stretches across the Changi coast. It is a tourist magnet for couples, probably due to its lush green trees and hilltop chalets. There are also boats you can use to go around it, to see and feel the waters.

Moreover, you can just stroll across it hand in hand, as you wait for the magnificent view of the sunset. Besides, it is the perfect place to breathe and feel fresh air, nothing here can spoil your mood.

5.     Mount Faber

This naturally made spot is the best place for a panoramic view of Singapore. It is known for its breathtaking sunset that often attracts snuggling couples. This view is endless and you can easily catch the crane show a far or the occasional firework displays from Resorts World Sentosa.

You can come here any day from Thursday through Sunday. It is free to enter and located at Mount Faber Road, the jewel box.

6.     St. John’s Island

This island is one of the most remote places in Singapore and exotic too, for couples looking for some peace and quiet. It is safe to boat ride through it. You can take a boat at Marina South Pier. Besides, it is only 15-minutes away from the city by boat ride.

It is located at the southernmost part of Singapore and is surrounded with a lush garden of trees and flowers. You can easily turn it into your own space and piece of paradise.

Moreover, you can have your picnic here, trek, swim, sightsee some dolphins if you like or just walk, and take it all in. The atmosphere is very rejuvenating and easy on the body, soul, and mind.

Besides, it has an overnight accommodation, which you can make use of, allowing you to wake up to its breathtaking environs, just in time for a morning walk or swim.

You can always check for ferry schedules to this Island before making any plans to visit it. It is 39 hectares of endless beauty.


Conclusively, Singapore tourist attraction is wide and varied. You just go with your taste and preference as a couple. It is the only to enjoy what this magnificent place has to …