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MORVacations – Too Good to Be True?

MORVacations – Too Good to Be True?

is a company that offers individuals opportunities to save money just by being a part of its community. When you are a member of , you will be able to enjoy your vacation at any part of the world. A member can enjoy a stay in hotels, sky rises, condominiums, and other vacation homes.

As a member of the , as promoted by the company, one can enjoy vacations starting at a low price of $149 a week. The company has stated that its members can enjoy luxurious vacations at a cheaper cost compared to what is currently offered in the market.

If one wants to be a member of , one has the option of choosing between two packages. It can either be the Emerald Package, which is priced at $998. Then the other one is the Diamond Package costing at around $1998.

The Diamond Package is the more popular of the two. If an individual opts for this package and pays it using a credit card, he or she will pay and additional $100. Diamond Package is considered the best of the two since it membership does not require any renewal of its membership fees. For the Emerald Package, a member needs to renew their membership every three years.

For all members of , they are given the choice of opting for a VIP service package. The package costs at $149 annually. It gives the members access to additional features.

Let us take a look at what packages has to offer its members. For the Emerald Package a member can enjoy $149 hot weeks at hundreds of resorts, inclusive access to the resort, discounts on hotels and cruises, guest weeks, some travel package discounts, and it is upgradeable to a Diamond Package.

The Diamond Package offers everything in the Emerald Package. The added services or features that are not found in the Emerald Package would be a first year VIP access, which was currently included. The plus factor of a Diamond Package is its transferability. A member can easily have a relative or friend enjoy his or her membership for a certain period. Lastly, the package includes a lifetime membership.

Members who opts for an optional VIP Package can fully enjoy a live vacation Concierge Service, 24 hour emergency service, have the services of a personal travel consultant, can visit lots of vacation spots with attractions and activities along the way, trip and vacation insurance plans, special arrangements, family reunions, and some VIP treatment during a flight / cruise / rental.

seems to give its members the chance to enjoy great destinations at cheap prices anytime of the year. The company promises 250,000 vacation homes from around the globe. They claim that a member only need to take care of their plane tickets and surely accommodation awaits them at the end of their trip.

One has to deeply think about its steep membership fees. It is wise to check first before committing to this endeavor. Just make sure that you will be able to enjoy what has been promised. Try also to check out some other competitions. You would want to check out if the prices are indeed reasonable.