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Wildlife Attractions with Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels is an exclusive luxury train that has a signature itinerary including all elements of tourism. Thus, wildlife is an important part of the itinerary. This article honors the wildlife elements that you would enjoy during the Palace on Wheels tour.

Sawai Madhopur

On the third day, the train reaches Sawai Madhopur station. This region is famous for Ranthambore National Park, an iconic tourist attraction in the country. The park is home to numerous mammals including tiger, deer, mammals, panthers and others. Those who love birds can spot numerous bird species in this park.

The Palace on Wheels itinerary covers the park early in the morning and the activities include a safari in the early morning. It is common to spot many animals during the morning as they reach the water sources for drinking in the morning. The best time to visit the park is during winter as you can find a lot of animals and migration birds. If you are visiting in summer, it is more common to spot mammals with their little ones near the water sources. Remember that it is not guaranteed to spot larger mammals during the safari even if you are travelling with an expert guide. Photographers take numerous safaris back-to-back to increase their chances of spotting mammals.


On the seventh day, the train reaches Bharatpur. This region is famous for Bharatpur bird sanctuary. Also called as the Keoladeo Ghana National Park, this birdwatching spot is famous for spotting Siberian cranes and other migration birds. The best time to visit the park to spot migration birds is winter. During other seasons, you can spot many local birds. The park holds 115 species of migration birds and more 255 local species. Although not a striking element, the park also holds a few mammals and amphibians.


On the fifth day of Palace on Wheels tour, you would be taken on a sightseeing trip in Jaisalmer. In the evening, as a part of excursion, you would be taken to Sam sand dunes on a camel. You get to ride on the back of a camel along with the camel trainers.

The wildlife excursions take up a lot of energy. Thus, before you start the excursion, have a healthy breakfast/ lunch and put on comfortable shoes, sunscreen lotions, caps and other accessories. Take water and simple snacks with you. Always follow the rules imposed by your guides and drivers during the excursions.