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4 Tips for Planning a Great Outdoor Wedding

More people are planning outdoor weddings than ever before. If you are thinking about moving your nuptials to an outdoor venue, you may have concerns about how to make ti work Following a few expert tips will help ensure things turn out as beautiful as you have always imagined they would be.

1. Plan for the Weather

No matter how much you plan everything else, the weather is a variable that you may not understand fully until it’s time to walk down the aisle. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a plan, though. Use the average weather for the area and season as a general guideline and have a backup rain plan in place, just in case. If it’s a summer wedding, look for fans and shade coverings to help beat the heat. Portable heaters, enclosures and firepits add warmth to a chilly fall or early spring event.

2. Have Plenty of Seating

Ample seating is crucial for a successful event. Think beyond basic tables and chairs to include comfortable conversation areas where guests can gather and catch up. A top party equipment rental service Kinnelon NJ can provide you with everything you need to ensure guests are comfortable and able to enjoy your party.

3. Use Natural Elements in the Decor

An outdoor venue offers a tremendous opportunity for natural decorations. Play up the beauty of your surroundings by incorporating nature into your event’s theme. Use a panoramic vista as the backdrop for exchanging vows, take pictures against a canopy of trees or arrange for fairy lights to be woven into overhead limbs for a magical evening effect.

4. Be Proactive About Pests

Nothing can ruin an outdoor party like a bunch of uninvited pests. Have a conversation with the location owner or manager about their pest control measures and ask if it is OK to have an exterminator in ahead of time.

With a little extra planning, you can have a beautiful, safe and fun outdoor wedding. Consider the comfort of your guests and make a backup plan just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.