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Salt Lake City – Ski Rental Deals

Salt Lake City – Ski Rental Deals

Salt Lake City is the most populous city in Utah with a population of 181,698 which places it the 126th largest city in the United States. Although SLC (Salt Lake City) is most commonly known as the home of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints its also home base to some of the countries most prestigious skiing and snowboarding destinations. This article is for those of you traveling to one of Utah’s seven world class resorts as a sort of guide for how-to and where-to get the best ski rental deals out there.

Saving money when it comes to your ski vacation is always a high priority when organizing your trip. And a big expense can be renting your equipment to enjoy that renowned Utah powder. The number one tip for saving money on you equipment is to get it early and get it online. If you wait till you arrive to start looking around for deals forget it, you’re going to be paying top dollar. Often when your booking your ski vacation online providers will offer some good deals on rental equipment. This is a good way to go especially if your getting airfare, lodging and transportation with the same organization because you’ll be getting a higher discount with the more services you purchase. Now another option in Salt Lake City is Canyon Sports. With 3 Salt Lake stores, one of them is downtown and you’ll drive right past it on the way to Park City is a good way to go. They have excellent service, good gear, and great deals. Make sure to give them a call to arrange your gear before you head out. Consider who you’ll be going with, their age, their experience level, weight and height, as these things will help you get the right gear for the right person.

On a final note remember to have fun and relax, skiing is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your hard earned vacation time!