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Three Methods of Launching a Boat

You will need to launch your boat after purchasing it from the boating manufacturers. It is possible to launch your boat then by yourself using a similar process to any other. If you have a dock at a ramp, it will help you with backing the trailer down closer to the dock. You will need a line that will anchor the boat close to your trailer and not float far from it. There are several methods to launch your boat, it just depends on the type of ramp.

Method 1

The first method uses a single line that is attached cleanly to the stern and the bow. Then back down your ramp as you keep pushing the boat off its trailer as you continue to hold the line. After the boat is free, use the line to control it and make sure it doesn’t swing away. Once done, secure your boat to its dock, park and now you are ready to launch. You can only use this method when using a low and easy-to-reach dock.

Method 2

Hold one end of the middle cleat on your boat. Do this after you back down and before releasing it. Secure the other end of the cleat and pile it as far down as the dock. Now, you can back down further, release the boat and hop in its dock. Pull it away from your trailer and tie it to the dock.

Method 3

Tie the long lining to the bow cleat, create coiling and place it on your bow. Tie it again on the other side of your trailer. Release the boat after you let it float off your trailer. Go back to the trail again and try to untie the line since you have a long length to, over the dock, pull your boat to the dock and tie it.

You can use these three methods to launch your boat. They are simple and easy to do. You can choose which method to apply depending on the location and how high your dock is located.