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Check Out Stewart Island During Your New Zealand Vacation

Check Out Stewart Island During Your New Zealand Vacation

Travellers heading to New Zealand for a short holiday or as part of their OE usually make plans to visit the North Island, the South Island or both before they head off home again but, what many don’t think about and what some don’t even realise is, there’s a third island even further south! Stewart Island is just thirty kilometres across Foveaux Strait, south off the coast of the South Island and the city of Invercargill. Only four hundred inhabitants live there and the island is only.23 square kms; there might be a bit of a drop off after second place, but Stewart Island is still the third largest in the country!

Make sure you check it out while you’re here. Learn a bit about this little piece of paradise and some of the great reasons to visit during your OE or New Zealand holiday.

The History of Stewart Island

First found by European explorer Captain James Cook in 1770, it was initially thought to be part of the South Island that it sits adjacent to. Originally known as South Cape, it was William. W. Stewart on the ship Pegasus from Sydney, Australia who first proved it was a separate island.

1841 was the year that the island became its own province and was given the name New Leinster for a short five years before the province was abolished. It then became part of New Munster before it was part of Otago and then finally Southland before the provinces were abolished in 1876.

The island became known as Stewart Island by most New Zealander’s in the 20th century, a name that stuck after so many name changes by governments and officials.

What to do there?

It might be small, but there’s plenty to do once you’re here.

Depart Invercargill and take a flight over the island with Stewart Island Flights. Spend the day exploring the bays and forests before returning back to the mainland to get another gorgeous view down below.

Get in the water and go diving during your stay. Explore the sea between Stewart and the South Island to find fish and underwater forests.

Go fishing for the popular local Blue Cod, crayfish and paua on a charter. Book before you arrive for the best experience on the water during your stay.

See it all during your time in New Zealand – book a visit down south to Stewart Island with your touring company and have the complete experience.