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How to Stop Dog Barking – This Gets Amazing Results

How to Stop Dog Barking – This Gets Amazing Results

How to stop dog barking is one of the frustrations of a lot of dog owners. Barking is a natural dog behavior, it his how they communicate but for irate neighbors this is not a sufficient explanation.

Of all the ways dogs communicate, excessive barking is the most annoying. To effectively stop dog barking you must know why a dog barks in the first place.

Of course you can’t expect your dog to become mute, what is meant here is putting a stop to that excessive barking the neighbors and passersby are complaining about. The next section covers the reasons that lead dogs to bark excessively and how to stop dog barking.

1) They bark to alert or warn their owners that someone is at the door or when strangers pass outside the gates any owner can understand and appreciate this. However the barking becomes annoying when there are quite a number of people passing because the dog will continue doing such.

The reason behind that is the poor creature thinks he has successfully deterred the strangers from entering the property. The dog does not realize that in the first place, those people did not really want to come in.

If this is the case you can move the dog to another spot where he cannot see many people coming and going.

2) Dogs bark to get your attention. They bark excessively because you unwittingly train them to do so when every time they get your attention you do something for them such as pet them, play with them, let them out, let them back in, give them a treat, or tell them “Shut up!”.

Stop dog barking by going to him every time he barks then gently tell him “Stop” or “No” then spritz him with water. If you do that long enough your dog will stop excessively barking to get your attention.

3) Dogs who are left alone for most periods or those that have not been properly socialized are bored and/or lonely dogs. More likely they became problem barkers because they want to hear themselves or because they are making a habit out of it.

The solution here is not to leave your dog unsupervised for long periods of time and to take him out regularly for walks, take him jogging with you, play with him, or stimulate his mind with other activities.

4) Just like a little kid on his first day in school, a dog feels separation anxiety too when it gets separated from the pack which in this case is you and/or your family. They bark to call you back to him or because they are frustrated that no one is around.

To stop dog barking, make sure that before you leave the house, all the things that he needs are taken care of. Before leaving be sure that he has a place he can comfortably sleep together with his chewing toys and also don’t forget to leave fresh water for him to drink.

If after coming back you found your dog barking excessively, ignore him for awhile to prevent him from thinking his barking was the reason you came back. Only turn your attention to him after he has settled down.

With whatever you do to stop dog barking, always remember to be as humane as possible. Don’t apply excessive force and don’t hurt your dog because this will agitate him. This will not have solved the problem but rather aggravates it because dogs will also bark excessively when they are agitated.