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Cleanest beaches in India to visit

There are many among us who prefer having a relaxing vacation at some beach rather than partying around, lounging and playing around with friends. However, something that keeps them from taking a step forward is that they think that they won’t be able to afford the trip. The beach destinations have earned a good reputation of being touristy but at the same time they are also infamous about being overpriced. But the fact is that all beach spots are not created in the same manner.

In fact, there are plethoras of beach vacations that you can watch out for if you don’t wish to break your bank or blow off your budget. Amidst getting easy access to beaches, you can also get affordable accomodations, minimum fees, cheap eats and parking with minimum fees. If you wish to go out on a beach everyday throughout the year, TripHobo suggests you few options that you may take into account.

#1: Radhanagar Beach, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Radhanagar Beach is one of the most favorite beach destinations that you can get on the coast of Bay of Bengal. This has been a commercial beach for more than 10 years. If you’re going out for a trip with your family, this is definitely one of the most wonderful places and there are lots of nightlife activities and places for stunning sunset. The prices of flight are reasonable and they provide the required drive to the tourism industry and the best part about this is that you can easily drive from Port Blair. You won’t find any dearth of bathroom and changing room facilities here as there are ample which you can get hold of after a good sea bath.

#2: Varkala Beach, Kerala

Kovalam Beach, a renowned and commercialized beach in Kerala has a great alternative with its soothing and peaceful environment – Varkala Beach. It is situated north of Trivandrum and takes just one hour to reach the serene place. Breathtaking landscape, brown sand and turquoise blue ocean will take anyone’s breath away. Famously for its spa and ayurvedic centres, the beach is regarded as the cleanest beach in India.

#3: Arambol Beach, Goa

It is an hour drive from the Dabolim Airport (GOI) that might take you to a traditional fisherman village in northern Goa. The place is famously known as Arambol where the beach in the winter season attracts international tourists. It has become a new paradise for hippies. Surrounded with jungle and fresh water lakes is one of the best holiday gateways in the Western Ghats. Special attraction of this beach is its nightlife where you can relax with comforting jam sessions and consoling live music. One who is looking for solitude must seek this beach in India.

#4: Tarkarli, Maharashtra

If you are in Maharashtra, you will definitely know that there are many beach resort towns but among them if you talk about the most panoramic one, it is definitely going to be Tarkarli. This is a coastal village which is best known for its coral reefs in India. You can plan to accommodate yourself for a homestay in case you’re traveling with few people and definitely a weekend opportunity to find solace in the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea.

Therefore, now that you’re familiar with the best beaches for your weekend getaways, you have to just Google them for more details so that you may know everything about the place before visiting them.