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Agriturismo in Italy: The Pleasure of a Natural Holiday

Spending a holiday in an agriturismo is always more trendy! There are more and more tourists who choose this type of accommodation for their holiday, especially in the summer, starting from the first spring, summer and even more, until late autumn. The agriturismo allows, in fact, to fully enjoy the nature and the fruits of the earth.

Choosing an Agriturismo in Italy for your holidays means, first of all, taking a dip in the past, enjoying the beauty of simple and genuine things. The agriturismo is in fact not only hosting in the countryside but a form of holiday that takes place exclusively in an agriturismo, where the houses, once used by farmers (and now no longer necessary as the mechanization has greatly reduced the manpower needs on farms) are reserved for hospitality.

Very often, moreover, the restructuring and expansion of this type of accommodation has been carried out in strict compliance with the original characteristics of the structure, harmoniously combining the principles of bio-architecture, green building and bioclimatic and preferring the use of biocompatible materials with low or no environmental impact integrated with ancient materials recovered directly on site.

If you are looking for a place in which to regenerate in close contact with nature, in the Lazio region and more precisely in the province of Viterbo, Tenuta di Santa Lucia is ready to welcome you. Here, surrounded by the countryside of Viterbo, you will find this beautiful facility with colorful fields of wheat and lavender as well as olive and hazelnut trees.

The types of rooms in this structure are different and allow you to respond well to all types of needs. In this agriturismo, in fact, guests can choose between two apartments, an attic, two rooms and one suite. All rooms are furnished trying to keep alive the tradition with wooden ceiling beams and antique and precious furniture.

Inside the Tenuta di Santa Lucia, there is also a restaurant where you can taste the food produced directly by the company. Outside, in the wide and colorful garden, you will find instead an incredible swimming pool with whirlpool, a well and a spectacular fountain with water lilies.

For those who instead intend to spend their next vacation in the North, in Lombardy, and more precisely in Salò, in the Alto Garda Bresciano Park, we recommend Villa Bissiniga. In this structure totally immersed in nature it is possible to leave for trekking or walking the paths with mountain bike

Thanks to a careful restoration, this accommodation has retained its original features and from the windows of the building on a hill it is also possible to admire the surrounding landscape and Lake Garda.

The rooms of this agriturismo, twelve in total, are all different from each other and each has a specific name based on the different winds that blow on Lake Garda. The common point of all environments, however, is the respect of traditions that can be perceived through the furnishings chosen for each room, antique and valuable, the marble or parquet floors, the presence of frescoes and exposed beams.




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