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How to Choose a South American Travel Package

How to Choose a South American Travel Package

With so many options to choose from when booking a South America travel package, it may be helpful to first decide what you want. Do you want to experience thrilling adventures to remember your holidays by? Or do you want to see a variety of locations at once? Narrowing down your goals will make your vacation more targeted and filled with a larger sense of purpose.

If you are still lacking in ideas of where to do and what to do in South America, we suggest the following example itineraries based on your interests.

Adventure Seeker

With so many different types of geographies across the continent, there is certainly no lack of opportunities for the adventurer. Choose a tour that takes you first to Peru where you can go trekking in the Andes near the Cordillera Blanca, or embark on the classic 4-day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Then go to the country’s southern tip where trips across Lake Titicaca, the highest navigatable lake in the world, originate from both the Peru and Bolivia sides. The northwestern Mendoza region of Argentina is prime land for horseback riding as the gaucho cowboys once did, and further below is the tallest peak in the Andes-Aconcagua-which stands 22,841 feet above sea level and is a great challenge for hikers. Then, be sure to go cruising down the Amazon, best done in northern Brazil near Manaus and Bel?�m. Patagonia in the far south should not go unnoticed if you cannot make it to the northern reaches of the Amazon. A side trip for the adventurer can be to the Galapagos Islands, about 2 hours in the Pacific Ocean from Ecuador!

Map Trotter

It is very easy to travel between most of the countries in South America, whether by air or overland. Travelers hoping to cover the continent should book a package that starts up north and work their way down. Quito, Ecuador is a fine place to fly into, then travel down the Pan-American Highway into Peru, down Peru’s coastal desert, and into Chile. The highway continues through the Andes mountains towards Santiago, and from there it is a long but straightforward trip towards Buenos Aires. Once in Buenos Aires and after you’ve had your fill of tango, steak, and red wine on your Argentina vacation, veer south towards Patagonia to see nature at its most dramatic, or take a short flight to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The drive between Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro is an incredibly long one indeed, but can be comfortably done in about 1 week.