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5 Travel Tips and New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

5 Travel Tips and New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

When you ask most people to name places they are dying to visit they can usually rattle off at least 10 cities or countries. But, ask them “when” they plan to visit and you often get silence. What are you waiting for? Make a change in 2011 and resolve to visit 5 new places.

We’ve compiled a list of our 5 top travel tips to help you see new places and experience new things in 2011.

1) Choose a nearby town or city to visit: you don’t need to travel far to see new places! Start your year off right by visiting a nearby city or town that you’ve never seen before. Consult friends and family for tips on places to eat, museums to visit and other sites to see.

2) Dream big! Pick one city you’d like to visit in the next five years: big trips take a lot of planning! Want to visit Egypt at some point in the near future? Start researching your trip options and destinations now. Once you can ballpark the cost of such a trip, start stashing away money now. It may sound silly to start saving now, but if you save just $100 per month, you’ll have $6,000 saved by the time year five comes to a close!

3) Let your spouse choose a destination: often our significant others have different travel interests than us and get us thinking outside of our comfort zone. Let your spouse choose a destination for a long weekend trip or special vacation. Then, work together to choose an itinerary that mixes both interests.

4) Meet the girls (or guys!) for a long weekend: take a trip to a spa, visit baseball stadiums in multiple stadiums or meet the gang in another fun spot. Trips with friends offer a nice break from the rigors of everyday life and so many different personalities can make for fun trips with unexpected activities!

5) Keep a travel journal: whether you keep notes in a regular notebook or start a blog to chronicle your travels, recording your experiences is a great way to reflect on (and remember!) what you’ve done. Reading your journal can also inspire motivation for future trips, too!