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The Maldives and Lanzarote For the Ultimate Holiday Destination

The Maldives and Lanzarote For the Ultimate Holiday Destination

My two favorite island vacations of a lifetime are Lanzarote and the Maldives. Each is very different but offers memories that will last a lifetime and continue to beckon me back for more.

I first went on a Lanzarote vacation as a side trip while traveling Europe as a college student. I was taken by the beauty of the volcanic landscape and the laid back attitude of the locals. The Canary islands had always seemed like an exotic destination and I was not let down. From impressive architecture to splendid beaches this island has it all. I would spend my early mornings exploring the ancient small towns of the island, my afternoons surfing, windsurfing or hiking in Timanfaya park. Relaxing evenings would follow in beach bars, or town restaurants. I managed to squeeze in some museum viewing for education purposes and to remind me that I was a college student.

My Lanzarote vacation stands out in my memory from all of my time in Europe as a jewel. The waves lapping at the memories of my soul take me back on a regular basis.

I also repeatedly return to the Maldives. I first visited on a diving vacation after diving in Australia at the Great Barrier reef. The barrier reef left me a little disappointed but the shallow waters of the Maldives left me diving for more. You can literally walk into the water outside of many of the resorts in the Maldives and be in some of the best diving locations in the world.

The 1300 islands that make up the Maldives are each surrounded my coral reefs and are home to a mind blowing array of different sea life. You can observe everything from whale sharks to minute crustaceans.

Aside from the diving the Maldivian culture is a mix of Indian and Asian with a tropical influence. The ancient architecture of the islands is something to behold, many of the mosques are over 400 years old.

Both of these islands are places that make memories that will last a lifetime a Lanzarote Holiday or a Maldives vacation will leave you questioning whether or not you should uproot and pursue the simple island life.