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Stay in Touch With Family and Friends While Traveling

Stay in Touch With Family and Friends While Traveling

Many decades ago, when someone went off traveling, for work or otherwise, in another country, it is hard and expensive for them to stay in touch with their family members. In fact, some make no contact with family members and friends at all because it was simply too expensive and not conducive to make those calls. Let’s not even get into extended example, being posted to a foreign country for work for months on end and not knowing when the project will end.

Well, thank goodness for technology because the change is so profound now that we can keep in touch with anyone or everyone with the internet.

Apart from the fact that we want to keep our families and friends in the loop about what we are doing and where we are for safety reasons, we get lonely when we are away from home. We have internet cafes with computers loaded with programs like MSN Messenger or Skype. You can literally log on and chat with your friends in real time without having to bring anything else with you. But then again, we have Facebook and Twitter these we have our smart phones too.

Staying in touch with people back home is soothing and calming. Being away from home for a long period of time can be disorientating.

Another way to stay in touch with your loved ones when traveling away from home is to have a blog. This way, in your blog, you can share your experiences, pictures, locations and also post pictures of your adventures with new friends that you have made over the time.

At the very least, if something happened to you, there would be so much clue as to where you were. In some remote countries, having internet access could be a problem. Hence, you may have to consider using satellite internet. It is one of those technology that , the satellite and as with everything revolving around satellite, it had to be in some corner of the North Pole if you couldn’t access the internet on your cell phone.

So, don’t be a stranger just because you are off to the see the world or work on a large oil rig project in another country. Stay close to your family and friends because I am sure, with every single ounce of love that they feel for you, they miss you.