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Call Guest Companies at 866-922-6882 for more data and to redeem Ritz-Carlton Rewards points for Travel Packages. Visitors can be part of guided walking trips and stay at luxury tented camps or eco-lodges en route, which is at all times a highlight of any Australian adventure. An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) supplies authorization to travel to Australia for tourism, and is electronically linked to your passport.\n\nIndividuals, as well as many other nationalities, can apply for an ETA online for AUD$20 at the Australian Government website Your visa will permit you to stay in Australia for a maximum of three months. To begin with, Australians communicate English – albeit with a protracted, flat ‘R’ – enabling you to have interaction with the locals in an open and authentic means.\n\nAustralia’s most populous city, Sydney, topped Forbes Magazine’s Record of Most Reliable Cities in 2013, primarily based on categories including safety, government companies, food and entertainment. Australian restaurants typically have very high standards of cleanliness, and it is secure to drink water from the taps.\n\nCrime rates are very low, but like wherever on the planet, travelers must make wise choices corresponding to putting valuables in their resort safes and walking in nicely-lit areas late at evening. Established in 1928 to supply a ‘mantle of safety’ for pioneers residing in remote areas, the ‘Flying Medical doctors’ are a much-beloved Australian institution that college kids begin raising money for at their first college honest.\n\nAustralia is likely one of the safest places on the planet with regard to infectious and waterborne ailments. Specific immunization pictures usually are not required, although travelers must be up to date with their routine vaccinations. The other ‘must’ for all travelers to Australia is a high-factor sunscreen.