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How To Choose the Right Golf Clubs

They say a workman is only as good as his tools. The same holds true for a golfer and his or her clubs. If you’re brand-new to the sport, picking up a gently used set of beginner clubs is a great idea. If you’ve been playing for a while, however, and have decided that it’s time to get your first real set of clubs, here are four factors to keep in mind as you shop.

Bag Composition

Before you scope out individual clubs, consider the number and type of clubs that you want in your bag. A standard set of clubs should include the following:

  • A driver
  • A 3-wood
  • A 5-wood
  • Irons that range from 3 through 9
  • A pitching wedge
  • A blade putter

Specialty clubs, such as a sand wedge or long-distance irons, can be added as needed. Bear in mind, of course, that at golf courses in Haywood County NC, and elsewhere, the maximum number of clubs you can carry is 14.


Clubheads generally come in three sizes: standard, midsize and oversize. Predictably, the bigger the clubhead, the easier it is to use. If slice is an issue, offset heads are an attractive option to reduce loft.


Ideally, your clubs’ shafts should match your build — particularly your height and arm length. Consider the strength of your swing, too. For most golfers who are early in their career, steel shafts are preferable to graphite.


Getting a comfortable grip on the club is crucial to making good contact. If your grip is too thick, the club can be difficult to maneuver. On the other hand, if the grip is too thin, your club can be wiggly and wild. For the perfect grip, select a club that, when you grip it, the tip of your middle finger on your nondominant hand just barely touches your thumb.

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing golf clubs. Keep these four areas of concern in mind as you shop, and don’t forget that you can always mix, match, and experiment until you build the perfect set for you.