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Five Ideas For Making the Most of Your Trip to Venice

Five Ideas For Making the Most of Your Trip to Venice

With an estimated average of 50,000 tourists per day, Venice is quite the popular destination for holidaymakers looking for a truly unique experience. This historic city in Northern Italy is also regarded as one of the most romantic destinations on the planet, so it’s a perfect place to take your loved one for a short break.

But with a whole city to explore and limited time in which to do it, which activities should be at the top of your list? You’ve got enough on your plate what with needing to source accommodation and cheap travel insurance so you might not have as much time as you’d like to research all your options. With that in mind, here follow five top-notch ways to pass your time in Venice:

The Grand Canal

The main attraction of Venice is this stunning stretch of water that runs for an astonishing 3,800 miles. While you’ll want to wander the streets of Venice and see what you can stumble across, there’s nothing quite like taking the Vaporetto (a public water bus) to your required destination. Private taxis are also available, as are the famous gondolas. Gondola trips can be expensive but they’ll stick in the memory for years to come. If you’re prepared to haggle then you should get yourself a better deal than the advertised prices.

Piazza San Marco

Sometimes referred to as ‘the drawing room of Europe’, the Piazza San Marco – or Saint Mark’s Square – is a stunning area of the city featuring famous landmarks such as St Mark’s Basilica, an intricate Byzantine cathedral, and St Mark’s Campanile, a 100m tall bell tower. To really soak up the atmosphere sit outside one of the square’s cafes – the Florian is a fine choice – with a drink and take in the majestic live music. Just be aware that an extra charge will be added to your bill for the privilege.

Lido di Venezia

Ask anybody what their expectation of a trip to Venice will entail and it’s unlikely that sunbathing will be towards the top of their list – if it’s on there at all. If you’re partial to a spot of relaxation in the sun, however, Lido is the perfect destination. With numerous public and private beaches there’s plenty of space to stretch out and rest. Don’t forget the sun cream!

Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge is the oldest of four such structures crossing the Grand Canal. This breathtaking piece of architecture, designed by Antonio da Ponte, was completed in 1591 having taken three years to construct. The bold design of the Rialto Bridge was originally considered bold and indeed risky, with many predicting that it would collapse. It has nevertheless stood the test of time and rewards visitors with a wonderful view of the canal – especially during the evening.

Shopping district

While Milan is seen as the main focus for those seeking a dose of Italian fashion, Venice more than holds its own in this respect. Major Italian brand Roberta di Camerino is based in the city, while Louis Vuitton and Ermenegildo Zegna both have flagship stores in Venice. Head to the Piazza San Marco and the area around the Rialto Bridge to get started on a shopping spree.