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Camera Tips For Traveling

Camera Tips For Traveling

Travel Gear Tips – Cameras

There are many different types of cameras that you can travel with. There are disposable cameras that can be used once, there are cameras built in to phones, there are small digital cameras, high tech expensive digital cameras and of course old automatic cameras.

All of them have their advantages and disadvantages and deciding which of these will make it onto your travel gear tips list is entirely up to your needs.

Disposable cameras

These are very handy if you just want to take quick shots with the family in a densely populated area that has the services the camera requires. So if you are going to a developed country then it’s likely you’ll be able to take full advantage of these cameras. You shoot your pictures, then take them into a development lab and an hour later you should have your pictures. These are great for trips to foreign cities or to amusement parks, but not the best solution for longer trips as you don’t want to end up with a suitcase full of used cameras that you want to develop later. Also, if you’re concerned about the environment these are often not the best option either.

Cell phone cameras

Cell phone cameras get progressively better and better but they all create pictures that are slightly less quality than a dedicated digital camera. So while the very latest Blackberry or iPhone might have a very impressive camera, these devices are often expensive, almost as much as a camera itself. If you’re interested in taking good pictures then you’ll want something bigger, but for every day pictures of friends, family, cities you visit and close ups the cell phone camera is a good option. These days they come with massive storage space as well in the form of even 10GB microchips to store pictures on.

Digital cameras

There are two types of digital cameras that are good travel gear tips and they are flat Japanese style cameras or big cameras that may even have a separate flash and a long lens. They are used for different purposes. The first smaller one is for everyday scenarios and normal pictures and the second one is mostly used by professionals or amateur photographers to take artistic pictures. The advantage of the first type is that you can often slip it into a backpack or hang it around your neck, whereas the second type needs a special case to protect it.


Some people just don’t like digital photos and prefer having negatives or even making slides. If you’re one of these people then you’ll need an older model automatic camera. You can get them at used camera stores or even pick up one of the latest models, which may have some electronic gizmos but still creates negatives and you still need to use real film. The advantage of this type of photography is that the negatives will last indefinitely under the right conditions so you can always develop your pictures. With digital though, files become corrupt after a few years so unless you print out your pictures you will lose them eventually.