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Advantage Mobility Outfitters: Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

When it comes to wheelchair cars or wheelchair accessible vehicles, they are designed to fit wheelchairs and in driving while in a wheelchair. These type of vehicle is a great way in maintaining autonomy, allowing traveling around without waiting for a wheelchair accessible taxi just to pick you up and without asking a family member or friend to get you around. When it comes to choosing the right wheelchair accessible vehicle for you, it can be intimidating and overwhelming because of a lot of options available, and it’s a good thing that Advantage Mobility Outfitters can help you by offering wide variety of options that is best suited to your budget and lifestyle.

The primary important consideration when purchasing wheelchair accessible vehicle is the manner of getting in and out of the car. Will the caregiver be the driver or will the wheelchair user is a driver? It is important to ask this question because wheelchair minivans are specifically designed for passenger or transportation for those who are wheelchair-bounded purposes and not for adaptive drivers who are wheelchair-bounded. Many wheelchair accessible vehicles have suspension lowers for easy access and others have lowered floors providing less steep ramp and more headroom. For any vehicle, sufficient space is crucial most especially for adapted car. In determining the wheelchair accessible vehicle’s capability to enter, exit, and maneuver, you have to consider the width of the wheels, length of the passenger, vehicle’s height, width of the wheelchair at its widest point, and the combination of the weight of the wheelchair and passenger.

The number of people who will be regularly transported in the van is essential and the parking space or garage. For instance, a side-entry ramp will make deployment of a wheelchair accessible vehicle through a narrow garage. When it comes to the features of wheelchair accessible vehicles, it may include a navigation aid, passenger doors, sunroof, backup camera, power sliding driver, rear air satellite, removable seats, and DVD player. For easy maneuverability, side-entry vans allow safe entrance and exit without much traffic onto the curbside, wherein the wheelchair user can drive from a wheelchair or sit in front of the passenger position. On the other hand, a rear-entry wheelchair accessible van can be parked in any parking space or garage without extra room required for the ramp. It offers more ground clearance because the floor of the vehicle has not been modified.

It is important for consumers to be well-informed, so Advantage Mobility Outfitters highly recommend selecting the best wheelchair accessible vehicle taking into account the important factors stated in this article. You can check our homepage or website for more info about wheelchair mobility vehicles.

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