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Things to Check if Your Roof Needs Repair Work

There are several types of roofing and a modified bitumen roofing is considered as one of the popular types. Because it is less expensive compared to other styles, this roofing is popular in both residential and commercial properties. Modified bitumen roofing is also known for being durable, easy to install and is weather resistant.

15-20 years is the common lifespan of a modified bitumen roofing when proper maintenance is also carried out. Checking your roof’s condition should at least be done once a year to see if it requires maintenance and repair works. When your modified bitumen roofing gets damaged, it can lead to the exposure of your property to the weather which can cost a lot of money in the long run. The weather can easily create a bigger problem when it gets access to small damages on your roof.

A Miami modified bitumen roofing company can always do the maintenance work for you if you don’t have any experience with roofing work or if you don’t have the time. Additionally, some of these companies offer a warranty on their work. If you find out that their project is already damaged and still within that warranty period, you can always have them do the repair free of charge.

You may choose to do the checking yourself and just contact a Miami modified bitumen roofing business when repairs are needed. Keep tabs of different things when looking at the condition of your roof.

The first thing to look for in your modified bitumen roofing are worn asphalts. You will know this as it would appear as exposed spots on the roof. When this happens, the other protective layers of your roof is now exposed to more damage. This has to be addressed right away as water can easily accumulate and seep into the area, which can cause damage to your roof. Asphalt can also delaminate especially under extreme weather conditions. This is evident when individual membranes of your roof will start to fall off.

Your roof can have cracks, a hole or a tear because of several factors. Birds, a falling tree, different debris from a storm are just some of the possible reasons that could cause these damages. When you see these problems, you should outright make the necessary maintenance work to avoid the problem from getting bigger.

Because of the simplicity of the installation process of a modified bitumen roofing, errors can easily be overlooked while doing the installation. Errors can be the lack of sealants in some spots, the use of substandard material and the improper installation of the materials. If a Miami modified bitumen roofing company is responsible for this error and the roof is still within the warranty period, you can always get in touch with them to check if they can do the maintenance work for free.

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