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All That Potential Clients Needs To Know About The Whizzinator

The whizzinator is one of the fascinating developments of the modern times. It is simply a fake male organ with ability to produce fake piss when required. Popularity of the whizzinator is gaining popularity among the athletes alongside other industries for its ability to produce urine that they use to falsify urine tests. In some circles it is used as wet sex stimulator while others use if as a funny gag.

The whizzinator is bought as a kit with various components included. A strap, synthetic urine, and the male organ creation are among the basic components contained in a whizzinator kit. Basically it is the male organ that is of much importance as it is used as a normal human male organ to release urine or other desired function. Production of the urine is done through provision of synthetic urine which is basically a chemical composition with similar features as the normal human urine. Also contained in the package is a strap that comes in handy to hold the male organ in place when the production of urine is in progress.

Owing to the growing popularity of the device, the whizzinator is now facing stiff regulations in some states across the globe. This is a measure designed to ensure there is limited misuse of the device to cheat the systems as well as limit its usage for pornographic activities.
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Like any other popular product, the market is flooding with numerous fake whizzinator products brought in to cater for the growing demand. Sourcing for genuine products is therefore one of the essential considerations that every genuine client needs to take seriously. This should contain synthetic urine with the same color, scent, foam, acidity and pH as the normal human urine.
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Whizzinators are available for all sexes. Products for both male and female clients are available from the dealers and manufacturers. It is important to however consider the laws and regulations surrounding its usage before sourcing for one. To ensure continued usage of the device, the manufacturers also provide with extra synthetic urine kits that can be bought during the initial purchase of the device or at a later time when the need arises.

Buyers of the whizzinator can use it for varying purposes. Conformity with the laws of the land is one of the major recommendations from the manufacturer. Attaining the age of majority is another major consideration that manufacturers highly recommend. Safety concerns are highly addressed and it is perceived to be safe as long as the recommended usage is done with no risk of infections from common urine related ailments.