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How Well Compensated are Property Managers With IREM Credentials?

Being IREM-certified amounts to linking your practice to the number one real estate management association internationally. Therefore, you’re establishing ties with your professional equals who boast consistent success day by day, setting very high industry standards for others to envyingly copy. If you’re an IREM Certified Property Manager (CPM), you can expect attractive remuneration and other career perks.

Here are the perks that an IREM CPM can expect:

Better Financial Compensation

Of course, the allure of joining the creme de la creeme of the world’s real estate management industry may inspire anyone to pursue mentorship by IREM to attain the CPM status. However, if you’re researching the average property manager salary (for a CPM), it’s comforting to learn that the compensation is for sure lucrative and unprecedented. As per the latest figures, a CPM candidate member receives $92, 544 in compensation, on average. The mean salary for CPM members hits the $135, 162 mark. Evidently, the compensation is outstandingly lucrative by all standards.

Exposure to More Earning Opportunities

Earning the qualification of a certified property manager is one thing and getting a job as one is a different matter altogether. The good news is that IREM fulfills both of your needs! In the end, you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of the mentorship program as IREM continues to proactively promote the CPM qualification in front of potential clients and employers. The CPM is a recognized brand with a life of its own, and once you achieve it, prospective employers and clients know the level of expertise you offer and the corresponding salary you expect them to pay.

Attainment of Personal Career Goals

If you’re convinced about your potential to be a top property management professional but you’re way off that career goal, you should probably ask yourself what the problem is. Many average property managers are doing fine, just like the rest, but that’s where the problem is! If one of your personal career goals is to play your game at the highest level possible, you need to distinguish yourself from the average practitioner, which is what IREM mentorship helps you achieve.

For sure, the CPM is the advantage that helps spell out the distinction between you and your peers, beating them to industry leadership. Attaining this qualification means that you have exceptional skills to handle all financial and asset management elements of real estate management–which is a prerequisite for pursuing a distinguished career. Likewise, it implies you’re futuristic in your approach to property management, and you’re eager to build a positive reputation by adhering to the industry’s best practices concerning ethics, ensuring that everyday-living for the tenants and residents under your management only gets better.

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