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Tips for Choosing Call Tracking Software for Your Business

So many factors must be considered when assessing call tracking software. It’s easy to choose a solution that has a slick interface and a cheap price while ignoring all the crucial behind-the-scene details.

Here are the top factors to take into account when choosing call tracking software for your business:

Required Phone Number Coverage

Publishing unique numbers for your various campaigns is the point of call tracking. If you market globally, you should be able to choose phone numbers (local and toll free) in the particular country or countries targeted by your advertising.

Automatic Phone Number Generation

With a good call tracker, you can generate numbers dynamically for your ad campaigns. As you can imagine, doing it manually is time-consuming and even leads to inaccurate analytics.

Third-party Intergration

You can get more useful insights from phone leads if your call tracking software is integrated with all of your existing tools. For example, with your web tracker integrated with a web analytics tool, you can get insights on a caller’s browsing history on a website.

Flexibility in Customization

How you intend to use your call tracker may be different from how other businesses do. For example, if you would like each call to trigger a specific real-time
action as it comes in, such as a CRM database lookup, that should be possible over the API of your service provider.


As soon as you have installed a call tracker, all your customer calls will be coming in through your service provider’s infrastructure. Hence, it is a must that the solution guarantee high uptime and reliability. Otherwise, you lose precious leads and more precious credibility before potential customers.

Recordings and Transcriptions and Transcriptions

Call recordings and transcriptions give you high-value information about your potential customers and their needs, helping you improve your business in a more significant way. With call recordings you can also better understand how your sales team handles calls and provide any necessary feedback.

High-detail Analytics

Your call tracking software should provide all necessary analytics, from caller ID to call duration to call source and more, presented in real time. Moreover, you should be able to glean insights from historical data, such as call duration, repeat callers, call volume patterns, etc., which you can use to upgrade your marketing campaigns.


Because all of your incoming sales will be going through the call tracking software, get a solution that offers reasonable call minute and phone number rates. This could be crucial, considering you will have to pay for a lot of phone numbers as your campaigns scale up.

There are so many call tracking solutions nowadays, so don’t limit yourself to a single prospect. In fact, you should have maybe two or three prospects and compare them so you can see which is best for you.

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