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Choosing Good Workout Supplements

In all certainty, workout supplements help in making you fit faster. They usually combine novel or sometimes traditional well-known ingredients that have been proven in studies to be effective. But considering the various workout supplements on the market nowadays, how do you decide which one is best for your needs?

Research the company that made the supplement.

Brands spend big amounts of cash to earn market trust, and trust breeds loyalty. If a company has been operating for quite some time, then they have likely invested significantly in high product quality and manufacturing standards as required by the FDA. If you’re not that confident about a particular brand, then check with the Better Business Bureau and other well-reputed consumer protection bureaus.

Do you get a real live person when you call their customer hotline?

If they purchased a toll-free number with real humans accepting calls, most probably, they actually invested in infrastructure to support their products, which is a positive sign. Usually, smaller companies simply outsource this function, so you won’t really have a way of getting in touch with them directly. If you can’t reach the manufacturer, be suspicious.

Check if the label has a third-party analysis or trust mark.

Some sites conduct lab analyses on different products to check if the claims they make on their labels are true. You can even request a certificate of analysis from the manufacturing company to make sure that the ingredients written on the label are actually in the product. As well, check for third-party organizations’ trust marks on the packaging – for example, USDA Organic, USP or NSF. These marks indicate that the product has been subjected to a stringent review process and has met all the requirements for receiving the distinction.

Search for clinical studies.

Workout supplement products usually have one or more ingredients in clinically evidenced amounts, allowing them to claim that they can, for example, “build muscle” or “hasten recovery.” In most cases, these clinical studies will be mentioned on the product packaging or on the website of the manufacturing company.

Choose a reputable retailer.

Leading retailers will usually run their own independent analysis, meaning when you’re planning to buy workout supplements, always buy them from a trusted store.

Look at consumer reviews and ratings.

Finally, if you want to know more about a product, listen to what current or past users are saying about it. There are customer reviews and ratings you can read everywhere online, but do stick to third-party websites where the information is more credible and objective. You will find lots of customer reviews and ratings online, but do keep to third-party independent websites, where reviews are more credible and neutral. If you check online, you will find lots of consumer reviews and ratings, but remember to stick to third-party websites that feature more objective and credible testimonials. Avoid marketing websites which are intended to, well, market a particular product, either through positive reviews on it or negative reviews on the competitor products.

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