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Online Flight Booking: 3 Do’s and Don’ts You Must Abide By

Be it booking a last-minute flight, excitement of traveling or general inattention; there are several reasons due to which one can end up making mistakes when booking flights online. To help you avoid these mistakes, we have created a list of some important dos and don’ts of online flight booking.


Online flight bookings have made our lives easier in a number of ways. The booking process is quick, simple, and can be easily done from the comforts of your home. Moreover, with the help of online booking, it is possible to get great deals on the tickets and save a considerable amount of money.

Be it booking flights from Mumbai to Hyderabad, Bangalore to Delhi, or any other domestic route; there are several reasons due to which people end up making mistakes. At times, these mistakes can prove to be very costly too. To help you avoid these mistakes, we’ve created a list of some important dos and don’ts of online booking.


  1. Do Compare the Flight Tickets

One of the most important ways to ensure that you are getting the best deal on flight booking is to compare the tickets. There can be significant differences in the prices of the same flight between two online travel portals. So, shop around for a while and search for the tickets on at least a few reliable travel portals to get the best deal.

  1. Double Check the Passenger Info

Once you have selected a flight, the next step would be to enter the passenger details. Be very careful when entering the information and check it twice before proceeding. Especially, ensure that the name you enter matches the ID proof that you’d be carrying the flight and your contact details are correct as well.

  1. Do Confirm the Price before Paying

The difference between the time you select a flight and pay for it can be enough for the price to shoot up significantly. Before paying for the ticket, make sure that you are only paying the price at which you selected that particular flight. Also, check the breakdown of the fare to ensure that there are no add-ons in it.


  1. Do Not be an Impulsive Buyer

Do not rush to the payment gateway for the flight you’ve selected before going through all the available options. While every online portal now claims to offer the best deal, you need to select the one that actually does. Do spend some time on the online booking process and visit a few portals before making the decision.

  1. Don’t be Stubborn with the Schedule As Much as Possible

While it might not always be possible to be flexible with your schedule, try to adjust whenever possible. The fares significantly vary between the days of the week and according to the time of the flight. Usually, weekend flights are more expensive than weekday flights, while late-night and early morning flights are cheap.

  1. Relying on a Single Airline

While you might have your favorite airline which you prefer for your domestic travels, if it is the best fares that you want, try alternate carriers, and you might find a better deal. For instance, if you prefer Spicejet, then first check Spicejet online booking offers and flight deals available. Once done, look for online booking of GoAir, IndiGo, JetLite, AirExpress, etc. to check the difference in fares.

Right from searching the best fares on flight tickets to finally paying for a flight, the dos and don’ts mentioned above would protect you from making a number of common mistakes. Remember these points and use only popular and reliable travel portals to enjoy a great flying experience.…

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Delhi’s Top Restaurants to Savour Heavenly Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is one of the very popular spiced curries, which is famous across the Indian Subcontinent. This dish originated from Punjab and the roots of this particular dish date back to the 1950s.

Here are Delhi’s best restaurants to taste drool-worthy butter chicken:



Minar is a casual dining restaurant located in Connaught Place, which is best known for its North Indian and Mughlai dishes. The regulars here recommend Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani, Paneer Butter Masala and Butter Naan. The aroma of the dishes served over here is tempting. Food is less expensive when compared to the other restaurants in this list. The service provided by the staff is very good and this is the best place to hang out with friends and family members during the weekends. If you are looking for the best restaurants in CP for Butter Chicken, this should be on the top of your list.

Have More

This restaurant is best known for its North Indian dishes. It has a wide variety of dishes on its North Indian menu. The regulars recommend having butter chicken, which is a hot favourite. Apart from butter chicken, the other chicken items that you can try here are Garlic Naan, Dal Makhani, Murgh Platter, and Paneer Methi Malai. The staff members of this restaurant are very courteous and they provide prompt delivery to their customers. The interior look and feel of the restaurant is also quite good. Overall, this is the best place to hang out for the non-veg food lovers.

Chicken Inn

Chicken Inn is another famous restaurant in New Delhi’s Pandara Road. It is known for North Indian dishes, Mughlai, kebabs, and Chinese dishes. One of the best items at this restaurant is butter chicken. The taste of butter chicken is lip-smacking and it is also worth the price you pay. Chicken Tikka and Chicken Bartha are also some of the popular dishes at this restaurant. The pricing of the food is quite reasonable for the quality and quantity they serve. All in all, this is one of the best places to hang out for chicken lovers.

Café 27

Café 27 is located in Kailash Colony of New Delhi. The ambience of this lounge is very refreshing and it is the best place to celebrate special occasions. The staffs over here are very courteous and respond quickly to your queries. It is highly advised to book a table in advance as the restaurant would be busy during the weekends. The live music played here is quite soothing and takes you to another world. When it comes to food, the regulars recommend having Chicken Tikka, Chicken Pizza, Butter Chicken and Malai Tikka. These are few of the best dishes here.

Dhaba Atta

Dhaba Atta serves you with a wide variety of delicious and vibrant flavoured dishes. The Chicken dishes of this restaurant are very popular and one of the most recommended by the regulars. Among the chicken dishes, Chicken Banjara and Butter Chicken are the top two delicacies. Apart from these, Chicken Biriyani is also a must-try item at Dhaba Atta.

If you love Butter Chicken, you certainly miss out tasting this yummy delicacy at these Delhi restaurants.…

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Beach, Beautiful Vacation Spot

The beach is one of the best alternative places for a vacation. There will be many things to do in this place like swimming, playing sand, playing volleyball or just strolling along the waves. However, the holiday in this place is different from the holidays in the mountains. There are many ‘special’ things that you should bring while you are on vacation. To help you do whatever preparation you need to plan. So, I tried to write some preparations before the holidays to the following beaches:


Special Clothes For The Beach

Outdoor activities in coastal areas may be less convenient if you are wearing a jacket because the air is hot enough. You can replace it with beach clothes because the material is light, thin and does not make us feel hot.

Sunscreen Cream

Do not forget to always apply sunblock to the entire body especially on the face before doing the activity outside when on the beach. Because tourism activities on the visit with high sun intensity can cause skin will peel after the holidays.

Black Sunglasses

sunglasses serve to ward off the sunlight that blinded the eye as long as we do activities in the open. After that, you will get the comfort to continue the holiday activity.


When vacationing on the beach, you will often meet with sandy areas, and sandals are the right footwear to use there. Using sandals is, of course, more convenient because you will not be able to walk well if you use high heels. And too dear to wear sneakers because walking in the sand will make a lot of sand settle in it.

Mineral Water

Of course, the weather is hot enough in the coastal area will make you often feel thirsty and mineral water is one of the items you must carry in your luggage. There may be plenty of ice-sellers on the beach but it’s better to avoid the sweet-smelling beverages because it only adds thirst. In addition, mineral water is much better than any bottled water because it can replace body fluids with the maximum.


If this one, maybe not only mandatory for a vacation to the beach but also for the holidays everywhere. When to the beach, do not miss a moment of your valuable value with the people closest because there will be a lot of objects and activities that can be done on the beach that should be immortalized memories.

Diving Or Snorkeling Equipment

If vacationing on the beach, it never hurts to bring this one item. Maybe, the beach you go to have an underwater beauty that you can not find on other beaches. If you can not dive, you may peek at some of the underwater scenery by snorkeling. This is also one of the alternative activities you can do when on vacation to the beach.…

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Tips on Selecting Suitcase for Traveling

Choosing a suitcase is not an easy thing if you want to get good stuff that can be used for various purposes, including for traveling.  Traveling has become a necessity for modern society. Because of the many choices make us confused when choosing good and right goods. Is the expensive price the best? Not necessarily! Good stuff is what suits your needs. Check out tips on choosing the following good suitcase:


Types Of Suitcase

suitcase with soft material, usually nylon, polyester or nylon, is the most easily adjustable type of capacity. Not only that,  this material is also lighter than those made from hard. The advantages of this type are to protect the goods easily broken better than soft materials.


Tips on choosing a suitcase this one is quite simple but no less important. The frequent damage to the suitcase lies in the handle. Airport officials usually move luggage quickly so that not infrequently the luggage is thrown into the train and conveyor belt. Choose a handle that consists of 2 bars because the handle 2 bar will be more sturdy than the handle 1 bar.


Size also becomes important in considering before buying a suitcase. choose an according to the length of travel.Traveling in a short time for 3-4 days, size 55-66 cm should be enough to carry your luggage. While larger sizes, such as 70-82 cm will be more suitable to use when you travel longer, for example, seven days or more.


Choose luggage with cabin or medium size with good quality. Although the price determines the quality, you can still adjust to your abilities. If you include people who like to travel, there is no harm in investing quality goods with a little expensive to keep your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

that’s some tips from me, hopefully, your traveling together out fun

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Sports Here, There, and Everywhere

Different parts of the world have different types of sports that are being played. American English sports are different from that of British English sports, for example. Many countries including the United States of America have adopted other sports that derive from other countries into their own country as well. The United States, for example, plays sports from other countries such as England’s cricket and Rugby as well as Canada’s Ice Hockey. Americans in general have a huge population of sports spectators daily. Once, a Miller Lite report on American Attitudes Toward Sports said that 96.3% of Americans play, watch, or read about sports and even can identify with athletes and most teams.

These Are The “Lifetime” Sports

Some sports are considered to be known as “lifetime” sports and include tennis, swimming, gymnastics, jogging, and calisthenics. This completely rules out such a so-called sport of rvi-ng that a jayco rv seattle wa might then promote. No, you see, these sports will forever be the “go to” activities of many families and individuals across the world and are easy to get into no matter what your age or gender.

Popularity of Sports For Women

Women’s professional sports over the years has been growing and has increased dramatically in the coming of the 20th century. Figure skating, gymnastics, women’s basketball, women’s water polo, and now even women’s football are widely accepted sports around the world. Still disparity remains globally which has become a great hindrance as it pertains to equality in sports. Programs that remain conservative do not contribute to gender equality but are assumed to become more open to the idea in years to come. This is due to the changing of ideals and opinions of people as the world evolves.

A Look at Sport History

Thank goodness for archaeologists and their efforts that have dug up many different kinds of artifacts including evidence that sports had been played in China as early as 2000 BC. In fact, gymnastics was quite a popular thing in ancient China. A lot of the sports today that we play including swimming, fishing, and wrestling were found evident in ancient Egypt when searching monuments of Pharaohs. When we were young, we learned about the Olympics and sports during the times of ancient Greece, but the truth is that many sports were already established before that time period. Just like in history, sports is such a prominent piece of our culture globally. Industrialization is the reason why there are spectator sports due to increased leisure time and wearing of the body at work. No longer are sports as bloody and brutal as they used to be but rather take on the role of having great amounts of professionalism and rules. Now there is such thing as fair play and having sportsmanship which is an attitude of courtesy toward your opponent. Cheating, violence, and use of performance-enhancing products are a complete violation and an athlete could suffer grave consequences aside from just being kicked off of teams.…

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How to Help Children with ADHD

Children can be large balls of energy. They are excited about life and enjoy having fun. Children who have ADHD usually are even more all over the place and can be difficult to handle if people are not properly educated on what to look for. Understanding children with ADHD can be an uphill battle but it is important to learn, so the child can have the best quality of life.

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD causes children to not be able to focus to complete a task or cause them to be hyperactive. In most cases, the symptoms for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder start before the age of seven. It is found in eight to ten percent of children.

Some of the symptoms of ADHD are feeling restless, difficult to get their attention, prefer to play alone, frequent talking, and easily distracted by anything. Parents definitely should not attempt to diagnose their children. The child would need to see a doctor to rule out other things and to be sure they do have ADHD. There are several things that can be done to treat ADHD in children.

Many parents choose individual therapy for their child. This is a way for a therapist to work closely with the child, so they can hopefully get results sooner. They target specific goals that are measurable. By doing things this way, they can truly tell if a child is making progress. It can also help children who are dealing with low self-esteem or depression. The one on one setting also helps them to stay focused. Group therapy is another option. This is a way for a child to get extra help around other children that are similar to them. In a group setting, a child is able to practice their interactions with others.

There are different things that a parent can do to set their child up for success. One thing is positive reinforcement. Parents should definitely overemphasize, the things that a child does right. No parent should only focus on the negative things their child does. When a child knows that their parent or teacher notices something positive they do, they are more likely to do the same thing again. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also an option. This therapy gives children the opportunity to think about responses before they actually do anything. Children with ADHD sometimes lack impulse control. This can be highly detrimental to them in the world as they grow older. So it is important to take the necessary steps to get any impulse patterns under control as soon as possible. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help change the way a child thinks, acts and behaves.

Social skills training helps children to stay focused when they are in a group setting and helps to control behavior. Some things that children may do are watch videos, roleplay, and practice different ways to settle disputes appropriately. If a child has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, there are various things their parents can do to help them in life.

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Are You Hunting For Fun Or Food?

A few decades ago, the deer from India and Sri Lanka was introduced to the United States and is now the most common deer in the southern part of the country. Axis deer is also known as Bald deer and spotted deer, were introduced to Texas around 1932 and they are growing fast. They can live for twenty to thirty years. They have three tines on the antler of each wedge and can grow to trophy sizes of 30 “to 36”. One of their most striking features is the dark spotted streaks from behind the neck to the tail.

Hunting meat from healthy wild animals (such as deer), their natural lives and natural diets of plants usually have higher nutritional value than livestock reared in an unnatural way. Hunting animal meat can also be seen as a more natural way to obtain animal protein, especially in factory farms, as hunting breeding does not cause the same environmental problems as livestock meat breeding.

There are many reasons to hunt. Hunting can be done for leisure, sport and social reasons today. However, the hunting of meat is much more desirable than the US needs. Hunting for meat in recent years is becoming increasingly important: the number of hunters hunted from 2006 to 16% in 2006 to 35% in 2013.

The attitude of American hunters has also undergone considerable change, and “sports” hunting has become less favored as opposed to looking for meat. For example, in 2008, 33% of American hunters answered “hunting for sports and entertainment” mainly, and 22% said “hunting meat”. By 2017, these numbers are basically reversed: 27% prefer sports hunting and 39% prefer meat hunting.

Learning deer hunting can be difficult. There are many excellent resources to choose from, but the experience in this area can not be replaced.There is no substitute for education. No, you do not need to write a doctor’s thesis on deer behavior. But deer biological knowledge, is great to know for hunting. Learn about local game models, such as migration, nutrition sources, and all kinds of trees in your area.

Although you can hunt almost all of the white-tailed deer, other animals with horns like black deer and the Axis deer can be difficult to find. However, search for an axis deer trophy hunting ranch and you will find ranches that offer this type of game and more.

With a semi-arid climate and rich vegetation, the Texas hills are ideal for Axis deer, with a population of over 50,000, most of which are located in the heart of Texas. Like African trophy hunting, these meadows offer hunters the opportunity to kill exotic and sometimes endangered animals.

Today, many people are actively resisting hunting. They are especially against recreational and sports hunting. Though many feel hunting should not be a sport, hunting can help maintain healthy populations and promote land and wildlife conservation because hunting flocks do not live or become ill because of hunger or disease transmission.

The hunting season for deer varies from throughout the US. In Game Zone 3 in South Carolina, the deer hunting season begins on August 15 and lasts until January 1. Some seasons in states such as Florida and Kentucky can begin as early as September and last as long as Texas in February. The length of the season usually depends on the health and population of the deer and the number of hunters expected to participate in the deer hunting. In South Carolina, the seasons vary by SCDNR area.