3 Things to Look for in a Wedding Venue in Bristol

Planning the big day can be a lot of fun, especially when the venue has been established. This is one of the biggest decisions that a couple is going to make and will take care of several different tasks all at one time. Before starting the search for a Wedding Venue in Bristol, there are several things to consider. After making a list of what a couple wants and what they need, it’s easy to narrow down the choices.


How many guests are going to be invited? It’s important that a venue have enough space to take care of a crowd comfortably. Don’t just think about the reception area. Think about where they wedding will take place, where the guests will park, and even areas where guests can mingle. The goal is to have a space that feels light and open, without overcrowding anyone.


What type of food is going to be served at the reception? Take a closer look at the food that a venue will serve to guests. The goal is to find a location that will be able to deliver the ideal meal for the entire party. Ask if certain menu exceptions can be made for special situations. Ask about the appetizer selection, the entree selection, and even the drink options available. Finding the right venue also means finding the right catering. Be sure to set up a food and cake tasting to determine if this is the type of food and quality of food that will work best for the wedding.


Guests at a wedding want to feel welcomed. The service that a venue can provide is a big part of this. Ask about who will handle parking, how guests will be greeted and how the guests will be served their meal. The goal is to create an upscale event that still feels comfortable for everyone involved. At the same time, consider asking about things like cake cutting services, party favors, and table arrangements. The less a couple needs to worry about during the days leading up to the big event, the better.